Landscape Design and Build:
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The process begins with your needs, desires, and budget.  Once we assess the site we give our recommendations for the general size, design, and cost involved.  Our designs range from simple on site sketches to detailed working drawings.  The design is one of the most important stages of the project since it makes it very clear what needs to be built.  It allows for an easy progression to the construction plotting stage.

Landscaping (Softscape)

We also offer custom perennial, shrub and tree planting services to soften and bring color to our stone designs.  We can itemize them on a planting plan, to give you the homeowner the option of doing this part of the project yourself at your own pace after we have completed the stone work and planting bed preparation.

Construction (Hardscape)

Once a design has been finalized, we begin with the excavation and preparation of the foundation for our project.  This is the first important part of the job.  We assess the soil conditions, then excavate to the necessary depths required, and place the appropriate grades of aggregate.  This may range anywhere from 6” to 2’ depths.  It is imperative that the foundation provide the project with 100% drainage and compaction before we even begin to place the stone. 

stone-link authorized installer

Next we assemble the walls, steps, and lay the stone for the patio, walkway, driveway or other stonework.  We do this using the proper mortar, adhesives, tie backs, and filter cloths.  We install interlocking bricks, natural stone and man made flagstone.  All retaining wall systems, steps and armour stone walls are engineered to withstand any and all pressures with the utilization of tieback grids, and aggregates that will ensure 100% drainage.

The third and also very important step is the finishing.  This is our specialty, and where we separate ourselves from the masses because we are meticulous when it comes to the fine detail that makes our stonework look very refined.

Our Design and Build Process

We begin with a free on site consultation to determine the client’s needs, ideas, and budget.  Then we offer our suggestions and options and give an on site quote, and if possible a simple sketch.  We also offer detailed working drawings at the customer’s request, which would require another meeting. 

Once a design is finalized we narrow down color and style of material to be used.  All details and prices are documented and explained clearly before we begin.  We provide a time frame for the length of the work, and an approximate start date that meets with the customer’s approval.

Before we begin we explain the steps we will take during construction, and daily progress updates will be given. Every evening before we leave the site will be cleaned up of all debris and materials, and equipment will be left tidy and safe.  When we are finished we repair all areas that were affected by our presence and leave you with nothing to do but enjoy your improved home.

Decks, Patios, Verandas, Terraces

Space, form, and function. We design and build elegant decks, patios, verandas, and terraces that help extend your living space, bring the indoors out. We can construct anything from simple, compact interlock and flagstone decks to luxurious, entertainment-sized patios and verandas that can be further subdivided into outdoor kitchen areas, private gazebo areas, fire pits, and water features. Add lush landscaping and natural stonework for a relaxing atmosphere or artfully arranged plantings for privacy, and there you have it: an outdoor living room, cottage getaway or personal oasis, right in your own back yard.

Driveways, Walkways, and Steps

Walkways, steps, and driveways can be both functional and beautiful extensions of your home. Let us help you reinvent the entrance to your home with a front entrance facelift in the paver of your choice, interlock, man made (stone-link) or natural stone.

Natural Stone Landscaping and Stonework

Natural stone adds character and charm to any landscape.  We can help you create an oasis with lush landscaping, natural stonework and water features (pools, fountains, waterfalls), a place where you can feel closer to nature. We can use natural or man made armour stones to achieve the desired effect.

Retaining Walls, Armour Stone Walls

These can be built using a few different systems.  The most commonly used is the small retaining block walls sold with interlocking brick systems.  Another is with either stone steps assembled on top of each other or armour stones.  They each require proper foundations, clear aggregate to be placed behind, filter cloth to separate the earth from the gravel and tie backs to give the wall extra strength.  Once the site is assessed we can give our recommendations which wall system will suit your needs and budget the best.

A Total Design and Build Package

Stone Masonry, Outdoor Kitchens, Pool Waterfalls …

Beyond flagstone and interlock, we offer you a total package.  We can design and build your hard and soft scape areas to include:

  • irrigation
  • landscape lighting
  • water features (pools, fountains, waterfalls)
  • outdoor kitchens
  • fireplaces / fire pits, and
  • wood pergolas

We bring in only licensed professionals to place electrical, plumbing or gas features to make your yard beautiful and to ensure compliance with building codes.

Interior Stonework. We also offer stone masonry to bring the beauty of stone to your home's interior - stone pillars, back splashes, fireplace surrounds, and more.

We offer a lifetime warranty on materials and excellent aftercareContact us for a free consultation.